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Old dragon games ftw: Dragonfarm

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 18, 2014, 10:27 AM
  • Mood: Sunny Mood
  • Listening to: Guano Apes - Close to the Sun
  • Playing: Drakan :3

And I continue with my presentation, I’ll try to show you a new game every Friday... let’s see, how many I will find in my collection. Today I present a game to you, so bad, that it is nearly unplayable. It has many good concepts, but a poor programming, balancing etc. Why did I even bought it back then? Well to my own defense, I was young and everything which had a dragon printed on it, was a must-buy, no matter what xD. So let’s have a look at Dragonfarm.



BG Story: This game was developed in 2002 by the company Blackstar (which doesn’t exist anymore too.) And as the title implies, in this game you are able to run your own farm with dragons! You can raise, train, breed and feed them or let them join in competitions against the other breeders on this island.  Sounds nice at first, until you actually start to play...

                                                                                                        Dragonfarm 1 by Aarok (click to enlarge)

Gameplay: You have 6 breeds of dragons to choose from, all of them look different and have certain strengths and weaknesses; however, it is not possible to crossbreed them on your farm. Most of them are either good in shows or battle but none is good in both. It is not possible to create some sort of ‘multitalented – dragon’, since all of them have one certain weakness - they die very, very fast! My oldest dragon was about 20 months... And it is just impressive from what they can die, pretty much everything! If they loose a fight, they die, no matter if you have sent them to a healer or not. You want to breed them? The female kills the male! Or the female dies in pregnancy afterwards. You can overfeed them or forget to feed them at all (which leads into funny changes of the models, like noodlenecks or super fat draggies)... To make it short, it’s difficult to keep them alive.

The main activity to earn money is either to participate in shows and/or tournaments. Shows are easy, you just have to click the arrow in the right direction and your dragon shows off some fancy moves, battles however, are frustrating and unfair. First off all, you do not get too much information about the dragons, you just see their health and the strength. The green to red bar, shows their health and if it goes down to red, the dragon with either give up or die. The other bar under it, is the attack bar, which automatically fills itself up, so that they can perform an attack. And here’s the problem, since the bars’ speed varies from breed to breed. Blocking and evading is broken, so slower dragons will always take hits and loose very often.

I also found it pretty funny, that you can give your dragon beauty surgeries (horns, spikes, fins...), bubble baths or even dope them with magical herbs, yes, that’s what good breeders do ;). And that’s basically the whole content of this game...

                                                                                                       Dragonfarm 2 by Aarok (click to enlarge)

Sound: The music is rather boring, in fact, the game doesn’t have many tracks and all repeat themselves fast. It doesn’t go on your nerves, but is also nothing too good. I like the dragon roaring effects though, some of them sound really ferocious, even if they do not look that way.


Positive: It’s fun for up to 20 min. It has several nice ideas but sadly none of them work as planned. The dragons sure look pretty and are very varied in their appearance.


Negative: Dragons die too fast, everything is totally unbalanced, no matter if it comes to prices, timelines or food. You can only have six dragons on your farm, if you have enough stables. And the best: It is completely pointless to save the game, since it randomly crashes and even if you have saved before, the data can’t reload. So why is there even the possibility to save then?!


Last note from me: This could have been a way better game, but sadly it’s just a waste of money and makes empty promises to people, who wanted to spend their money on a nice dragongame...



Dragonfarm in motion I found only one video of this game on YT, success :D! (PS Ignore the voice)



... and next time I’ll show you, how a human, a dragon, a vampire, a dark elf and a minotaur are trying save their world by entering into a purple crystal.  See ya :3 

Last week

Old dragon games ftw: Drakan - TOotFHi there ma dearies :hug: ,
I hope most of you enjoy the summertime.
Last evening, while drawing on one of the last gifts I want to submit soon, I had this weird idea of presenting you some of my old games. No, don’t worry, I’m not planning of doing a Let’s play, or something like this ^^. I just want to present you some of my old favourite games, I used to play (or still play from time to time). Some of them are good, some bad, some hilarious but all of them have a few things in common: They’re all for PC, contain dragons and are in rather old fashioned graphics. If you don’t mind that, I hope you enjoy my little summer special and maybe you’ll try one of them out someday too, they’re really worth it.
Soo let’s start with one of my absolute favourites: Drakan – The Order of the Flame



About me and my art

(c) by Marz7337

Janina L. / 26 y. / female/ from Germany / student, hobby artist & wannabe perfectionist

Welcome on my page, dear visitors!

As you might have already guessed, I am a fantasy artist, with the mainspot on dragons. I started to draw them at the age of 13, after I've read the book "Dragonsbane" by Barbara Hambly and was deeply impressed by these noble creatures. What I most like about them, is their variety in appearance and personality, which often seem to be limitless, compared to real animals.
2005 I started to show my pictures online, first in a german dragon forum, until most members were more active here to DA.
2006 I created this account here... well and here I am.

Aarok and Jessica

Aarok - new charsheet - by Aarok Jessica Serra - new refsheet- by Aarok
My account mascots and Main OCs :)
Two characters, who are very dear to me, since they both somehow not only represent myself, but also accompanied my through my life for more than 12 years now.

About my Art

I am an Hobby Artist and draw for fun, not to become rich or famous. Most of my pictures are either drawn digital with PS 0.6 or on the traditional way with Copicmarkers/ Coloured pencils.

Requests: By all means... being an hobby artist doesn't mean, that I am made out of free time, so: NO, I DON'T DO REQUESTS ANYMORE!

Arttrades : I really love to do Arttrades, but since I was fooled so often in the past of persons, who never did their part after I finished mine, I became very picky with accepting them. I'll open a few ones soon.

Commissions: Yes, i offer Commissions for DA Points, and will open a few spots soon.

Contests: Please, don't beg me to join your contest! I rarely participate in them anyway, for the same reasons as with the arttrades. If I'm interested in one, I'll join by myself.


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deathwinged12 Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Hehe. Hello Aarok, I'm Arakk. Hee-hee.
tomcio199214 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Aarok I hope you are reading my crappy story as I plan to put in my gallery very short IVth chapter ^^;
Alpha-735 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I submitted a ticket here once....  Where do I find it again?  There's gotta be another way we can communicate...  Skype maybe? :?
Aarok Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I doubt, that it is DAs fault, rather the one of my PC. But I am also not online and active here every day. I sent you the note a min ago, I hope you get it now.
Alpha-735 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
I wonder if there's a little complaint button.... Because I'm not sure if I'm even getting your notes...
Esiar Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Hi Aarok! It's been awhile since the last time I could really stop by DA and say hello ^^'

How are you? I've been offline so much time that I don't even know how's everything here.
Aarok Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi there Esiar, glad to see ya here :hug: Well, as usual a bit busy with work and drawing, the weather is annoying me, since I am not such a person, who works well in the heat. The sun is brutal right here and since my main colour of clothes is black... well I've the feeling that I'm melting away xD.

I also was rather inactive here, but as far as I see, nothing too big changed here.
Alpha-735 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
For the humor of it...  I'm gonna try and write a small trailer just to try and get myself out of writer's block...
Aarok Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes this can really help. I also have some sort of artblock right now...
Alpha-735 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, and how are you feeling?
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